Festival des arts métisse 2014 

iari collection at the Festival - Photography by David Bioux for Alliance Francaise de Sainte Marie

This was an Arts Festival to which the designer iari participated as she was ending her training at Central Saint Martins. The festival took place in Sainte-Marie another charming island off the coast of Madagascar. It was organised by the ever active Alliance Francaise de Sainte Marie, in partnership with the prestigious Hotel and Lodge Soanambo and Tany Harena association, based in Paris. 

Michaella (iari) found the adventure enriching and eye opening as she was later able to collaborate with a genius of photography well established in Madagascar, David Bioux. As well as three breathtakingly beautiful models: Theoline, who was elected as model of the year for the festival and whom the designer chose to end her runway; Alex visiting from Ile de la Réunion caught the eye of the designer as she was getting ready for the runway saying hello from the back of the line and last but certainly not least Vanessa, an exotic beauty with a natural flair for modelling and runway. 

Since then iari has added Nbitchoo (Ambinintsoa) to the list of her favorite models. Nbitchoo is a lively model, she shines on the runway and masters modelling. 

All in all the opportunity to share, interact, discover and help discover the world of fashion in Madagascar with a specific focus on Sainte-Marie and the island's beauty was an enriching and memorable experience for the designer. In fact it has become an inspiration for the name of her two collections : ANY HO ANY and FREE .