Who ?



Michaëlla A'solo freelanced into fashion since 13 years'old. She opened her first private sales at 24 and her first boutique came a few months later. She studied law and works in this field. She is also a designer but first and foremost she is a creative person and believes you can be anything you want to be. When God allows there is no turning back. 

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Michaëlla was born in Madagascar and raised there until the age of 10. She then moved to live in Tanzania, from there to the South of France to England and to the Netherlands. All the places she grew up in or visited, in her own words : are a source of pure unaltered inspiration. "I am always in awe of God's awesome creations. It is inspiring. "



I.ari stems from Michaëlla's middle name. A name she inherited from a very special grandmother. It coincidentally has the root of the word "to create" in Malagasy. So Michaëlla decided it is more that fitting to name an extension of herself, her creations, her brand : I.ARI. "I"for the english "I" and "ARI"for "creation".

Thus "I CREATE" or "I ARI"